Urgent Appeal to Prevent the Deportation of Afghan Refugees from Pakistan

To: European Union Parliament

Delegation for Afghanistan

To attention of Mrs. Petras Auštrevičius chair of delegation

Subject: Urgent Appeal to Prevent the Deportation of Afghan Refugees from Pakistan

Dear Mrs. Petras Auštrevičius chair of delegation for Afghanistan

I am writing to you on behalf of the Federation of Afghan Resident Organizations in Europe (FAROE) to urgently request your intervention and assistance in addressing a critical humanitarian issue. As of November 1, 2023, Pakistan has initiated the forcible deportation of 1.7 million documented and undocumented Afghan refugees back to Afghanistan. This action has the potential to exacerbate an already dire situation in Afghanistan and result in a severe human catastrophe.

The United Nations agencies have already highlighted the alarming poverty levels in Afghanistan, with more than 28 million people living under extreme poverty. Deporting an additional 1.7 million refugees to this fragile environment will undoubtedly exacerbate the suffering of the Afghan people. It is essential to recognize that these deportees include women and girls, who already face severe restrictions on their rights to work and education under the Taliban’s rule. Their rights and well-being are at great risk.

Furthermore, the situation is dire not only for the refugees but also for more then 200 journalists and hundreds of civil society and human rights activists who are under threat of deportation, endangering the life and freedom of them and their families. These activists are unmissable for the promotion of freedom of expression and human rights in Afghanistan.

In the light of these pressing concerns, we implore the European Union to utilize its influence and diplomatic channels to engage with the government of Pakistan and the international community. We kindly request the EU to:

  1. Urge Pakistan to immediately halt the forcible deportation of Afghan refugees.
  2. Advocate for the protection and rights of women and girls in Afghanistan, ensuring their access to education and work opportunities.
  3. Call for the safeguarding of journalists and civil society leaders from deportation by the Pakistani government. Many of them have gone to Pakistan as a first step to wait for finalization of their evacuation application by one of EU Member States.
  4. Support initiatives for humanitarian assistance to Afghan returnees and those in Afghanistan living in poverty.

The European Union’s commitment to human rights and its leadership in international diplomacy can make a significant difference in alleviating the plight of Afghan refugees and the vulnerable population in Afghanistan. We hope you will consider our urgent appeal and take necessary action to prevent this impending humanitarian catastrophe.

Thank you for your attention to this critical matter, and we look forward to your swift and compassionate response.


On behalf of Mr. Daliry, chairperson of FAROE,

A.R. Faquiri, head of External Relations Committee of (FAROE)

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