Tale om Nakamura on December21, 2019 (Speech Farida Ahmadi)

Today we are here to remind Dr. Tetsu Nakamoura and 6 Afghans colleagues killed by unknown people in Afghanistan.
I’ve heard the speech of Nakamoura he was speaking fluently Pashto.
Here the people needs water, food and life and he said many times in his speech we must create life here.
And he said people here does not need weapon they need life , food , and water .
in his speech he talked about a very important issue in our world
he has a very clear message to the world and super bower that the solution is to create life and health not war
he is a hero and a symbol of global conscience
and All afghan from government to the people are very sad of losing him
I am very happy because the Japanese choose the Dr. Masaru Murakami to continue unfinished his project in Afghanistan
And now we are in the middle of globalization of pain and suffer which is I called it a third world war which is totally different from the two past world war
We need to talk about it because we have many people like Dr. Nakamoura ( kaka murad ) had died in this world it’s very important to do what ( kaka murad ) told us
Today we must see each other and doing together like what kaka murd did,
We can’t do it alone we must do it together in tree level , individually institutionally and globally
The first level is us me and you we must abolish war in our planet and we must to fight our own powerless and I create the peace and a polish war

The second level that we must organize our self and do not fight separately we must fight together .

To protect a lot of people like kaka Murad in our world we need to work globally
Each of us has to work for global institution to make the peace in the world
And as the Sadi said in his poem.

The children of Adam, human beings are each other’s limbs

And this poem it’s written in the wall of United Nation and also and it’s has sent as a human civilization to our galaxy

And as James Larkin said

The great appear great because we are on our knees .
Let rise together to a ilimination weapon and create peace in Konar, Afghanistan and all planet .
I am very happy because kaka Murad is a symbol for humanity and we must continue his message.

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