(Silent Screams) ISIS´ strategy of spreading fear, suffering, pain and war

Lady Farideh Ahmadi is an anthropologist, author, researcher and women’s rights activist. As a student, she was one of the pioneers of girl protests in the 1980s. This struggle and her activity led to her imprisonment for failing to complete her final year of study at the Faculty of Stomatology.
Eventually, she graduated from the University of Oslo with a degree in Anthropology.
In 2013, Farideh Ahmadi received the cash prize of “Implementing Knowledge in Practice” for starting her Ph.D. ‘Silent Scream’ as part of her doctoral dissertation.
‘Silent screams, pain and pluralism’ was written and published in the Norwegian language and it has attracted the attention of people from different countries, as they have written plays in Japan and Oslo.
This book has been translated into Dari, English, Norwegian and Japanese