FAROE’s annual European conference

FAROE’s annual European conference on the occasion of World Human Rights Day

Deportation challenges and human rights crisis in Afghanistan
Saturday 9th of December 2023, 18.00h
The conference will be held online.

Dr. Zaman Stanizai
Mrs. M. Hashemi
Ms. Bilqis Roshan
Dr. M. Eshaq Atmar
Dr. Moh. Hashem Danesh

Mr. Karim Paikar Pamir

  • The human rights crisis in the country and the reasons for the mass migration of people from Afghanistan.
  • The challenges faced by Afghan refugees in the region (Iran, Pakistan, and Turkey) What we can do about it.
  • Problems of Afghan refugees in Europe and our responsibilities .
  • Crisis of women’s and children’s rights in Afghanistan and its connection to the widespread migration of Afghans.

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