A Call for demonstration

A Call for demonstration


Dear Afghans living abroad,

The Federation of Afghan Resident Organizations in Europe (FAROE) calls on you, wherever you are, to join us in protest campaign, in  sphere of solidarity and unity on September 11, 2021 against the governments of US and Pakistan, the countries that caused the ongoing humanitarian, political and human rights crisis in Afghanistan.

What happened in our country in the last few weeks, is a massive humanitarian and human rights tragedy. All the rights and freedoms of Afghans living inside the country are under threat after Taliban takeover in Afghanistan on August the 15th .  The national flag is replaced by the Taliban flag.

As our people burn in the flames of war and the resulting homelessness, and millions of Afghans mourn their rights and freedoms, some so-called Afghanistan experts try to justify the western diplomatic, political, and intelligence failures in Afghanistan, by implying that the majority of Afghan people have the share the same views with the Taliban on issues such as women rights and civil rights.

This is an unjust picture of the Afghans mentality. Our compatriots living in the west,  have a moral duty to let the voice of our progressive and freedom-loving people be heard by the world.

September the 11th , the day that the events of the last two decades in Afghanistan are tied to, is the right moment to demonstrate simultaneously in different cities against the USA for paving the way for the return of the Taliban and against Pakistan for being the mentor and sponsor of the Taliban and other terrorist groups in our region. We call upon anti-war groups and other people who love Afghanistan to join us.

So far, Afghan organizations in The Hague and Amsterdam (Netherlands), Berlin, Hamburg and Hanover (Germany), London (UK), Stockholm, Malmo and Gothenburg (Sweden) and Oslo (Norway) have expressed readiness to host and organize demonstrations in their cities. We call on all Afghans, politicians and people of the host countries and human rights activists to organize such demonstrations on this day in their own city or join the nearest demonstration. For information and coordination, contact FAROE on the e-mail address below this page.

Demonstration date: September 11, 2021
Time: from 2 pm to 5 pm