About us


The Federation of Afghan Resident Organizations in Europe (FAROE) was founded in the year 2000 by 53 social-cultural organizations of Afghans residing in EU member States. FAROE serves as the mouthpiece of Afghan community in Europe. FAROE is based in the Netherlands.


Human rights of Afghan refugees and their integration and participation in the member States of the European Union are the core objective and working areas of FAROE. However, as many of the supporters of FAROE have been political refugees, the Federation is concerned about developments in Afghanistan. We strive to work together with some Afghanistan-based civil society organizations to support democracy and human rights in that country.


FAROE strives to harmonize the activities of its member associations in organizing the Afghan community in Europe for defending their legitimate social-cultural interests and their human rights in European Union and its member States. FAROE coordinates activities of its member organizations concerning contributing in integration and participation of Afghans by initiating awareness programs, seminars and joint projects with other institutions in the member States of the EU.   Annual conferences of FAROE give opportunity to Afghan diaspora to brainstorm on most important issues in the live of the people of Afghanistan and the role diaspora can play in this regard. The final statements of these conferences are the documents expressing the common concerns, wishes and recommendations of Afghan diaspora on the subject discussed in the relevant conference. We send the final statements of the conferences to the Afghan and EU authorities and the Office of United Nations for Afghanistan (UNAMA). Lobby and pressure by all democratic means are the instruments FAROE uses to reach its objectives.

Legal status

FAROE is an association registered in the chamber of commerce in the Netherlands. Members of FAROE are local social-cultural associations, women associations, associations of professionals and foundations active in supporting human rights and education in Afghanistan. Members can have a political blief but they are not allowed to misuse FAROE for their political objectives. FAROE believes in national unity of all ethnic and religious groups in a united Afghanistan.

Financial resources

FAROE relies financially on the contributions of its members but when necessary and possible, we ask also for subsidies and welcome donations. All jobs in FAROE are on voluntary basis.

Membership of FAROE

Membership to FAROE is open for all social-cultural organizations of Afghan diaspora subjected to acceptance of the statutes of FAROE and payment of annual contribution as determined by the statues.